Dry skin can occur when your skin is exposed to temperature changes
like dry, cold or windy weather, ultraviolet (UV) light, or harsh skin products or chemicals. Many people have chronically dry skin because their skin isnít ďbindingĒ water. This can be related to deficiencies in levels of the skinís natural moisturizing factors.
Other causes of dry skin include genetics, aging, hormonal influences and skin diseases. One type of dry skin is called atopic dry skin, thought by some to be related to altered ceramide metabolism.
Signs of dry skin problems include mild scaling, roughness, tightness and itching. Signs of extremely dry skin include frequent itching and the formation of calluses, scaling and chapping.
Extremely dry skin needs skin care products designed to supply natural moisturizing factors, like urea and amino acids, to increase your skinís water-binding capacity and prevent the loss of moisture from the deeper skin layers.
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Balanced Skin Visible Results

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