DermoSilk Hand Cream
Living in a very cold climate in Sweden, this cream is excellent in clearing up my cracked skin. Leaves it very smooth.
Suzan Kerr

I have been using the Cleaderma product called DermoSilk hand cream for a short while and am very satisfied as I have very dry hands - the results are amazing - soft hands.
J. Beaker

Using the DermoSilk hand cream has been amazing - I can now walk around with proud hands - no cracks or flaky skin.
Alex T, Germany

DermoSilk Foot Cream
I am now able to wear sandals! Finding this amazing cream has been amazing - my feet are like new.
T. Jooter

My feet were just in a general, terrible condition and now they look great.
S. Melaney

As a diabetic I was instructed by my doctor to use a steroid cream on my feet but it didnít help much, since I've started using the dermosilk foot cream my feet looks as good as in my youth, my doctor is very satisfied and I thank you very much for your product and the change you've brought into my life, I thank you for your service and your patience, god speed (translated from Hebrew)
E. Weiss, Hod Hasharon Israel.

I been using dermosilk for the 3 months and my hands are very smoothís, no cracks and no dry patches, I also use on my elbows me and my husband and we very pleased. Thanking you very much.
Leonora R. Hungary

Great cream, you should approach the NHS so everyone can enjoy it.
J. Oxfield, UK

Better then Flexitol for sure, thank you for your advise my hands are totally healed.
TJ, Australia

You are right, the extra oil in the dermosilk really penetrates and the skin is very elastic again, I'll keep on using it for sure.

Used the Cleaderma Dermosilk hand cream and its great, where can I purchase it in Russia?

My feet were dry and cracked for the past ten years, I've been using flexitol on and off for the past two years but the last two months are amazing since I've discovered cleaderma my feet has never been better, at first it felt too oily but seeing the results I donít care anymore, it's an amazing product.
Moshe Horesh, Israel

Dermosilk is a great product for dry feet, thanks.
Ilana, Tel Aviv, Israel