Finally something that worksI've been trying various products for the past 4 years, and nothing worked, and if it did it was short lived. And then I found the young sebu cream and soap bar and what you know, it worked and for longer time then other products. By using the soap on a daily bases, I keep my skin clean and the periods between outbreaks much longer. A truly recommendable product.

Lizet Wallner, Canada

Way to go goat milkI read a lot about goat milk and its unique properties and searched for acne products based on goat milk, the kianomer young sebu cream and soap are the best acne products ever, I'm 22 and been using acne products since I was 14. My skin never looked healthier and I've been using the soap daily for the past 6 months and I had only one small outbreak during this time, I look and feel great.

Joey Timler, Canada

I'm smiling all the timeMy skin never looked better and smiling does not make dents in my face anymore, my skin is clean and the acne is well under control, the kianomer young sebu products made a huge difference in my life, I'm smiling all the time.

Annabel Young, USA

Dead sea mineralsThere are many dead sea products in the market and the dead sea minerals effect on the skin is renown worldwide. My mother brought me a product based on goat milk and dead sea minerals for treating my acne, I was very skeptical but tried it anyway and to my surprise it worked like magic my skin is clean and soft like it was when I was 13, the young sebu soap is a great cleanser and keeps the skin soft and on the first appearance of any red spot on my face I use the young sebu cream and most of the time it will disappear in a day. Great products.

Dan Mooler, USA